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technics sl1200 dj turntable rentals and sales of sound, light and video equipment in brussels

The SL-1200 Mark 2 was introduced in 1979 . It was an update to the popular SL-1200 series. It again represented a culmination of  Technics Turntable Innovations. It was dubbed as "The Middle Class Quartz Direct Drive". It was not released as a professional model, but became popular with pioneering hip-hop DJs. It soon found its way into discos as well as radio stations for airplay because of its vibration dampening ability and resistance to feedback.

The MK2 models were sold in Europe with different model numbers indicating a different colour; the 1200 (silver) and 1210 (matte black).


Features :


Magnetic (no wear), direct drive (low slip) mechanism.

High torque (1.5 kgf cm or 0.15 Nm), which means the platter will spin at the desired speed almost immediately (0.7 s to reach 33 ¹⁄ RPM from standstill), and will very rapidly reacquire the desired speed, without "overshooting", if the platter is dragged or nudged. This aids beatmatching.

Very low wow and flutter (0.01%), which means that the platter will stay within 1/100 of 1% of the desired speed.

Heavy base (12.5 kg), and increased isolation of platter from base, reducing the likelihood of feedback or stylus jumping.

Variable pitch control, allowing the rotational speed to be adjusted from -8% to +8% (for the purpose of beatmatching).

High reliability:

S-shaped Tone Arm